Wednesday, May 29, 2019


"Having conferred with my esteemed colleague, Confirmation Bias, I can say with confidence, the more I understand the more enraged, afraid, and depressed I become. Ms. Bias and I have rigorously examined a selectively limited data set to reach this appalling and universal truth.

"Further, the findings of this very scientific meta survey of the stuff I remember indicate everything has always, and will always, suck. All actions are doomed to failure, happiness is neither compatible with knowledge nor moral behavior, and all will be burned away in that fateful epoch wherein this dumb planet is engulfed by the stupid fucking sun.

"The last point at least offers this researcher some small solace."

"We will be taking no questions. Answers are false anchors tying one to the delusion of sensibility and meaning.

"This then concludes the imaginary press conference. And again, questions are futile, just like everything anyone has ever done.

"Thank you for wasting your finite time with us, you monstrous fools. Goodnight."


  1. This sounds better when written in bright pink though... Hope you're doing OK Evey.

    Weird followup, but would you send me an email at (first name) @ (last name) dot com? I'd like to talk about publishing some of your gaming blog posts (for money, of course).

    1. I absolutely will email you, hun! I turned off comments on the gaming blog cuz spam. mebbe I should try again.