Friday, April 19, 2019

precision and intent

The witch was precise. More chemist than magician he felt. 0.07g of green flakes, put in by tweezers one at a time. With ruler and magnifying glass, she sliced off a 3.33×1.11 cm strip of tongue flesh. What kind of tongue? He didn't want to know.

The silence was getting to him. Her glare stopped the spastic drumming of his fingers, and she continued etching some tiny design into a square of snowflake obsidian.

He spent the next 15 minutes twisting paperclips into gnarled bundles, and regretting mentioning the election.
Finally, she unceremoniously spat into a beaker of viscous, bubbling brown something. The paperclips bounced as it slammed down on the table.

He winced.

"Did ya have to like connect with it or something? The spitting? Just seemed different."

"No, and no amount of money buys you another. Drink it all and leave. Now."

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

splintering beads

cracked like safety glass
adhesive film failing
cracked like safety glass

spreading in crystalline decay
the windshield has seen it's share
of gravel and ball bats

incidental, intentional
I try

it means very little

costs so very much
like safety glass.

crumbling bits cascade,
at the slightest ||| pressure deject
crumbling crystalline decay

and adhesive pushed past,

the point of utility, and cruelty
cracked like safety glass.
I want to hate the adhesive.