Sunday, September 18, 2016

always true

In a few hours, I might die. This is always true.
I didn't make this and forgot to note who did. I'll attribute properly tomorrow, maybe.
 I probably won’t though. Die, that is. Soon, at least.

General anesthesia is a new drug for me, though.
(Even for my eyeballs surgery I was awake. I’ve had to stay awake through many awful things.)

No way to know how it will go. This is always true, too.

Anyway, I love you all. 
Except for you…

Jesus fucking fuckhat I’m a bitch.

If you’re reading this I probably do love you.

My “last one” playlist turned out equal parts emo/goth and punk and weird.
I’ll probably get to hear it again…

Certainty is laughable all the way down to parts of pieces of molecules.
I purposely put off listening to the new Episode of Nightvale so I expect I’ll stick around just for that.

‘Cause that shit would bug if I died.
Just kidding.
I won’t exist anymore.

I might die very soon. This is always true.
I ate a donut stick late last night even though the gluten tore me up.
I walked in sunshine with Olan today.
I felt Sprouty move underneath my arm.
I finished writing my book.
I read some Heinlein.
I did some living today. I might die very soon.
I’m gonna focus on making that first declaration as always true as the second.

I wonder, will the grave pit be shallow or deep?

Anyway, in like 7 hours, I will be unconscious with a camera up my ass. Which sounds a lot more fun that it will be.

Peace out, beansprouts.


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