Wednesday, November 16, 2016

flying fuck b/w rolling donut

vision blurs like glass tiles
in opulent office spaces 20 years ago
eyes thrumming to a staccato beat
pencil necked geek from some
record I don't remember

this is how I fall apart

I imagined it would be like coming home
sliding into sleep
But not asphyxiation
It wasn't even sexy

I can't get the pencil to fit
broke the lead
Still trying

Two scars like track marks all it bought me...

Memories hollow hope, nihilistic zen behind bars

Bend Bend Bend

This is how I fall apart

A dress not that dainty
but nice.
A wife not that dainty
but nice
A life not that dainty
but nice

Hate sits in the living room.
Hate needs to see the news,
at one at five and two.

Hate stares through me with dead eyes.

I was riding out the wrong side of a mediocre high.

Pain is mine.
Personal property, like a medical bracelet.
Always close, an epipen.
Something unlikely in case of overdose.

In a dress.

This is how I fall apart.

Slide down, the bell curve and sigh
Wrong end of a one way line
Riding on ghosts of embers of wisps of smoke
Wrong side of today.

Wish I was high rather than alive.

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