Saturday, October 15, 2016

The tiles were arranged so organically, were it not for the phosphorescent hues and contrast, one might take it as a natural occurrence.

The rainbow stone tiles, as the men took to calling it, returned light with surreal intensity at each of their many haphazard edges.

Without the use of chemical enhancements and calculatory engines, we might never have so much as understood the tiles’ purpose. Certainly our crude deciphering would have been impossible.

The language is reflexive. Each placement and subtle shift of hue, thickness, or spacing changes all meaning. The availability and variation of the medium affected what could be said and how….

Yet they found the means to express whichever it was they meant! Their written tongue was absolute art! Technical Manuals have brought me to weeping bliss.

The subtly and complexity of thought necessary to employ such a variable tongue astounds me to this moment. Even after all we have seen.

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